Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meet Michelle - Week of June 22nd

Jane, Cam, Oma (from 6 weeks ago)
The crime of loving is forgetting. ~Maurice Chevalier
While Oma graciously stayed with us for three whole days this week, Jane neglected to take a single picture!  Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the fun situations, the camera doesn't make it to the forefront.  The dynamic duo, Cam and his grandma, made strawberry freezer jam and homemade applesauce.  With Chris' assistance, they also completed a very involved recipe for homemade mint ice cream, made with real mint leaves!  It was Cam's request and Oma was more than happy to help.  We cannot thank her enough for the cooking lessons and game time spent with Cam.  Having Oma in our home not only makes Cam happy, but Jane & Chris are so very grateful.

For the summer months, we have a new addition to our "Cam Care" lineup.  Ms. Michelle has become Cam's buddy after they've spent almost a month together.  Adventures have been on the agenda weekly.  In fact, the first day Michelle arrived, she ended up taking Cam and buddy Emma to a movie.
There was an outing to the library for a special show put on by "Iguana Guy" which Cam deemed very funny.

Each day the weather cooperates, Michelle and Cam head out for a daily stroll, going different directions and places.  Michelle keeps the education rolling quizzing Cam about road signs and nature.

Back at home they work on stretching as well as some school work.  Depending on the day, it may be done at the table or while hanging out on the floor.

Right in line with Cam's personality, Michelle also has a silly side.  After finishing the mixing of ingredients for chocolate ice cream, the two decided to lick the bowl and utensils creating a lovely, sweet mustache for them both.
We're so happy Michelle is with us for the summer, fitting into our fun-loving family just perfectly.

A big shout to Megan, one of Emma's sisters.  Meg was over a few times last week and is always so creative when it comes to thinking up different modes of playtime with Cam.  Here they are both pictured "wearing" tents while Jane provided them with a guided tour of the home.

Cam has termed this game "Tour Guide" and it became the favorite activity of the week!

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