Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Call for Baseball - Week of June 1st

You know the feeling you have when you've eaten an absolutely delicious meal?  So content and happy and smiling.
It was a week of events that left us feeling completely filled, in heart and soul.
Ms. Ginny & Cam
At Meadow Brook school, Cam attended an awards ceremony for Project Unify and LINKS (Loyal Interested Nurturing Kind Student).
What is Project Unify? An education and sports-based program that promotes acceptance, respect, and leadership for students of all abilities while creating an inclusive school environment. There are four components: a unified sport…bocce ball, a school-wide
Taylor & Cam
campaign to foster diversity and respect for all, a community service project, and a Youth Activation Committee (YAC).
LINKS is a peer-to-peer inclusion program where students support a same-aged peer from the CI classroom at school.
Jane & Taylor attended the event which included a slideshow of all activities led by Ms. Ginny and Ms. Barbara as well as a medal and certificate presented to each student involved.  What a great group of kids involved in such an important project!

Ms. Barbara & daughters,
Ms. Cris & daughter
L to R: Chris, Emma, Steve, Megan, A. Betsy, Auntie Jo,
U. Jon, Oma, Will, Cam, Patti
Jane, Emma, Cam, Chris
On Saturday, the blue skies arrived with a slight breeze to celebrate the last baseball game of the 2015 spring season for WMML.  Since two games were cancelled this season due to weather, it was a record attendance.  Most definitely, a record fan count for Cam.  We cannot thank everyone enough for making it out to the very crowded game (and parking lot).
Aunt Betsy, Cam, Uncle Jon
Cam was up to bat twice, went around the bases with a big grin and screamed with delight, "I'm done!" after the game ended.  He proudly showed off his medal to all.  We didn't have a chance to have everyone in a photo op, but wanted to properly call out those not pictured in our photos:
Aunt Mary & Uncle Ray, Ms. Michelle, Molly & Gordy, Mr. D, Ms. Andrea and her family.

As if the baseball game wasn't enough excitement for one day, Oma and Jane took Cam over to the Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park to ride the safari bus and feed the animals.  The llamas were quite hungry and tried to munch on Cam's fingers as well as his chair!  Luckily, the entire experience produced quite a few laughs.  A stop at the Ice Cream Caboose completed our day.  As Cam noted: "we are very busy today!"
'Auntie' Roe with the homemade cup telephone!

On a side note, Jane was excited to find the original Mister Rogers episodes on Amazon Prime.  Cam thoroughly enjoys them and wanted to create the "tin cup telephone experiment."  His first remarks into the phone cup: "Hi Dad, how are you...over!"

Mister Rogers' goodbye song certainly sums up this week nicely!

"It's such a good feeling to know you're alive. It's such a happy feeling: You're growing inside. And when you wake up ready to say, "I think I'll make a snappy new day." It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling, The feeling you know that we're friends."

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