Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Great Outdoors - Week of May 18th

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cam couldn't wait to help outdoors at school this week.  As part of a school community project, the kids in his class had gardening time to help beautify the Meadow Brook grounds.  Our first grader was so anxious that he asked his mom to email his teacher to find out what time the actual assistance would take place.  Cam watched Jane write the email and upon seeing her hit send, indicated "what did she say?"  Email is a speedy way to communicate, but it's not quite that fast!

Ben, Travis, Paige & Jodi
Friday was a day off of school due to the holiday weekend.  And with a day off came a morning of "working" at Grand Valley with some graduate students.  Jane is always curious to see how each set of kids will interact with Cam.  There's never been a group without a smile.
After all of that working, Jane treated Cam to a McDonald's lunch.

The real treat came Saturday, though, when the Weatherford family headed northward to spend some time with Oma and Opa.
Chris and Cam worked a few nights to finish up the 3rd version of "CamMobile" for the beach.
The big buoyant wheels make sand travel a breeze.
Jane and Cam had fun creating some sand-drip castles.  There is nothing like the feeling of the Lake Michigan beach sand between your toes and fingers.
With the beautiful weather, we were able to spend the entire afternoon lakeside.  The sun sparkling on the water was a bit deceiving with the liquid temps in the 40's but Chris and Cam still walked in to get their feet wet.

We finally went back up to the cottage to get ready for dinner.  Opa cooked us all some delicious steaks and even had a 4 ounce one cut especially for Cam.  Our boy is definitely a steak lover.  Oma served her tasty cheese sauce and her grandson decided it tasted good on everything!

Homemade brownies with ice cream topped off our dinner.
We think Oma puts some extra love in everything she bakes.
It was the perfect end to a week of being in the great outdoors!

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