Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day! - Week of May 4th

Each school day, Cam asked about his upcoming field trip for Very Special Arts on Friday.  When the day finally arrived, he talked about the event afterwards.  Besides painting a commemorative t-shirt to mark the occasion, our first-grader picked a baseball to add some art to his face, and used the xylophone among other activities to honor the different arts .
On Saturday, Cam's baseball game was scheduled and a large fan base (close to 20) had planned to attend.  The weather sidelined that outing and the rain kept us busy inside with Oma and Opa back at home.
Besides playing games and watching the awesome movie, Paddington, Cam ventured out with Oma and Jane to Heidi's Farmstand to pick up some sweet goodies.

Saturday evening included dinner out on the town at Sundance. We dined outside and had fun watching some little birds trying to capture Cam's french fries.

A Mother's Day pancake breakfast started the holiday off right.  Although Cam didn't eat quite this many, he enjoyed seeing the large stack in front of him.

Unbeknownst to Jane, Chris had tried to take Cam shopping during the week to find a present for Mom's Day.  Cam proudly informed Chris "I already have a present for mom!"  He had made a beautiful clay colored plaque with flowers at school, along with a handmade card.
Jane and Oma loved all of their gifts and felt very special as the honored moms of the day.

By far, the best present that is given again and again is the voice of a sweet boy saying "I love you, Mom!"

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