Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer..Please Don't Go - Week of Aug.18th

We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of wildlife we see around our home.  This unexpected visitor in our driveway didn't seem to want to leave.
Cam declared the fox was "silly" but that didn't force him into action either.  Apparently the blacktop was the ideal place for sunbathing.

The cottage provided a bit of sun time as well over the weekend.  Oma and Opa graciously hosted us again and we all enjoyed some extended relaxation.  The inflatable kayak is our favorite family toy and Chris found that he could completely stretch out in the boat.
Cam took turns riding and paddling with both of his parents.  Lake Michigan finally provided us with some bearable swimming temperatures and we all took turns splashing around.  Even with 75 spf on his skin, Cameron still manages to build a nice tan every summer!

It's no surprise that Oma is Cam's favorite beach playmate.  In a rare break from making sandcastles, racing boats, digging holes and playing in general, Cam and his grandma enjoyed being right in the water as they waited for the occasional wave to splash up like a sprinkler out of control.

It's this time of year when it seems summer moves into fast forward mode.  This quote sums it up: "Summer should get a speeding ticket!"
We said goodbye to visiting cousins and Cam said hello to one last birthday celebration.  The Schulze fam hosted us for dessert in honor of Cam.  Aunt Joyce even had a #7 candle atop a chocolate chip cookie cupcake filled with peanut butter and topped with chocolate frosting...and yes, it was unbelievably delicious!!  Many thanks for the sweet surprise...

Soak up the last days of summer and make it count!

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