Sunday, August 31, 2014

Practice, Practice - Week of Aug. 25th

With the start of the fall WMML baseball league just around the corner for Cam, it was time to get some practice in.  'Auntie' Roe stopped by for some batting lessons in the backyard.  Emma played an outfielder position.
The tee and bat were a birthday gift from Opa and Oma!

After some due diligence with sports, the indoor activity was decorating a unique sleeping box for Stella.  Emma decided the cat should have a nice pillow to sleep on and she and Cam colored the box, enticing her to want to slumber inside. It appears they did a great job, because Stella enters her new sleeping quarters on a daily basis.

Cameron was back at Grand Valley on Friday, anxious to meet some new graduate PT students.  Melissa and Zak worked with Cam and it turned out that Jane knew Melissa from a gym where they were both instructors.
As always, the time spent there was beneficial for everyone- Cam worked on stretching and "driving" a car through the car wash.  Melissa and Zak found creative ways to work with their "teacher" for the hour they were together.

On Sunday we arrived at Oma and Opa's ready for some beach time.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too cooperative as we were fogged in for most of the day.  The cousins were busy on the beach, though, attempting to remove a 60 ft log half buried in the sand.  Since Cam is a big fan of trucks and tools, it was interesting to watch the jetty pump push gallons of forced water into the sand to "dig" through it and raise the log.  It may have been a bit chilly as the afternoon wore on, but the entertainment factor and spending time with relatives warmed our hearts.

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