Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cam's 7th Birthday - Week of Aug. 11th

A smile that lights up the world!
Just in time for Cam's big day, his second front tooth fell out while he was sleeping this week.  It did not, however, deter him from eating or talking or being extremely excited about his birthday!

It was a busy week preparing for an afternoon ice cream sundae bar, cake, and chocolate fountain party!
Cam and Emma worked with Chris to fill the baseball jersey pinata full of candy.  Jane and Cam put together a baseball cup treat for each party-goer under the age of 10.

Each year, there seem to be so many changes, challenges and new experiences for Cameron.  As a tradition, the cake is usually modeled after a favorite "thing" he was introduced to during that time frame.  The WMML (West Michigan Miracle League) brought Cam into the world of baseball and helped him gain confidence and learn the game.  The edible picture on the cake (compliments of Ryke's) shows the pure joy that playing ball has brought.
Oma & Opa were such a big help!

Thanks for making the trek!
As family, friends and neighbors trickled in, the outdoor venue was the perfect setting- especially for a somewhat messy chocolate fountain!
'Auntie' Karen traveled from Chicago for the
special day and it shows that Cam was happy to see her!

Party guests made their own sundaes, had cake, and feasted at the fountain.  The pinata was expertly hung from the tree by Chris and every kid under 10 had a shot with a baseball bat.  Finally, Cam's buddy, Thad, placed the winning swing which broke the candy holder and the rest was emptied into the hands of the eager kids.

After that excitement, a semi-formal baseball game commenced in the backyard.
Cam and Jane batted together and made it around the bases.
We're not sure who won the game or even if anyone kept score, but all of the players and spectators seemed alright with that.

We are continuously overwhelmed by the love, support and generosity of our family and friends.  Cam opened so many wonderful cards and presents- lots of new chapter books, cool games, baseball accessories, and a donation to the WMML...truly, we are grateful to all.  Grandma Sue sent a "Cars" blanket, travel Trouble game, funny party glasses, and an activity book, all the way from Kansas.  Many Thanks to everyone!

Chris and Jane wanted to update Cam's bedroom for his 7th birthday- a new sports rug and curtains complement the handmade quilt shown on the bed.  The quilt was made by a friend who actually used to be one of Cam's bus drivers.  Jane saved many of Cam's favorite shirts and shorts from the last 4 years or so and Paula expertly designed and sewed the masterpiece together.  It is double-sided and we love that we're able to see pieces of Cam's childhood every day.

To paraphrase a quote from one of Cam's past favorites, Elmo, "I hope you always find a reason to smile."

Cam smiled his biggest smiles on his 7th birthday!

Find a reason to smile today and every day!!

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