Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wild Animal Park - Week of July 22nd

There are some days when you feel like a kid again, especially when you experience something through a child's eyes.  And then, there are some truly unique days when you discover something you weren't even aware of and as an added bonus, share it with your child.

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park has been in existence for three years and is less than 20 minutes from our home.  The Park is situated on 80 acres of land and contains an exotic collection of animals and reptiles.

When Jane, Cam, Oma and Katherine went to visit Boulder Ridge, they weren't sure what to expect.

After walking through the gift shop area, they entered into a reptile house featuring iguanas, spiders, geckos and other creatures.  From there, you step into the outside area where at first glance, huge tortoises and gators appear to be sunbathing.
In addition to an aviary you can walk through, one of our favorite stops was the bunny pen.  With trained park attendants nearby, you're able to hold and snuggle the beautiful soft creatures.

The sanctuary outside contains a giraffe arena as well as a play area for kids in a giant sandbox.  One of the most creative attractions is a safari ride- a modified school bus painted with zebra stripes providing a fifteen minute ride around a natural habitat area including emu, ostriches, zebras and others.  We recommend paying a visit to Boulder Ridge (

In the meantime, it's always fun to take a ride on the wild side with the penny horse at Meijer!

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Anonymous said...

I know Sandy the penny pony is a shout out to me (Meijer!). Just sayin'!! LOL j/k Great post, looks like fun and I'm checking out that website, I've never heard of that place!