Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthday Celebrations for Chris - Week of July 8th

LifeHacker Challenge: Honorable Mention Award!
It's so easy to celebrate a man who is an amazing Dad to Cam and the best husband to Jane!

Chris has never been one to brag about himself, so Cameron decided his blog was the best place to do it! 
Cam's Dad entered the "CamMobile" invention into a contest (unbeknownst to his son and wife) online to create something out of PVC.  Since he had already designed and built the famous mobile, it was easy to include it as an entry.
Although he didn't win, he did make the Honorable Mention category and it was fun to read the comments of others indicating he definitely should've won top honors!  Read the story here...

Playing "Pong"- check out that score!
Sometimes it's fun to find birthday presents everyone can use!  This year, Chris' special day turned into a celebration week... on his actual birthday, Cam assisted with opening the first present, a "Man Crate."  The Man Crate came wrapped in duct tape and then Chris and Cam used a crowbar to open it.  Inside was a Retro Gamer Kit- included was an old school Atari joystick pre-loaded with 10 games...Pong, Centipede, Missile Command...the list goes on.  Additionally, the crate was packed with lots of candy- cracker jack, oreos, rice krispie treat, nutter butter, etc.  Cam's Dad also received a World's Greatest Dad pillow (because he is!) that will nicely hold a pop can and remote while on the couch.

After a quick preview of Atari, the family headed over to see cousins Coco and Libby.  The girls cooked a most delicious birthday dinner for Chris serving up grilled steak, chicken and a fabulous pasta dish as well as salad.  Coco made a "Dutchman" (combo of German/Dutch Chocolate) cake with German chocolate cake mix and whipped chocolate frosting with melted peanut butter chips on top- yummy!  She even had Cam's favorite ice cream dessert- mini drumsticks!

Opa, Cam & Oma
On Saturday, Chris, Cam and Jane drove north to the cottage where Chris received a few more birthday surprises- a new swimsuit and life jacket from Oma and Opa and an inflatable kayak from Jane & Cam!
The kayak is perfect for Lake Michigan and super comfortable since it's inflated.
Cam's grandparents took a turn as well and with the calm water, albeit a bit chilly, it was the perfect chance to get out on the water and enjoy the ride.

The new water craft was in use the whole day, with Cameron taking many rides.  He helped Jane paddle quite a bit, and it was quite relaxing just to float along in the Lake Michigan water.
Family cottage is just to the left of the kayak front bow!
On weekends like these, it's tough to leave the big lake and return to the city, so we're thankful another weekend is around the corner.  A huge thanks to Oma for the delicious strawberry cheesecake, Coco and Libby, JJ & Jeffrey for their delicious dinners and Oma and Opa for meals and extra help.

A big Happy Birthday to one who does so much for us all- we love you Chris/Dad!!

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