Sunday, July 21, 2013

Water Worlds - Week of July 15th

Even though every day should be a beach day in the summer, it isn't always possible to make that happen...
Thanks to our awesome friends, the Scannells, Cameron can now enjoy the water right on his back deck!

The kiddie pool has come a long way from the circular round option that used to be the only choice.
Cam's friend, Emma, was convinced that the pool itself was going to be shaped like a "kitty" but was alright with the product that was set up.  It's actually deep enough to go under the water so Emma played "fish" with Cam and kept grabbing his feet.

Chris and Jane also think this may double as a cheap hot tub option during the summer months!

Jane, Cam & Katie VB
Every July or August, the family travels to Stony Lake, just north of our cottage, to visit longtime friends considered family at their cottage on the beautiful warm lake waters of Stony.  It's always a memorable time and special visit when Jane sees the kids she used to nanny for in the past summers.  Now they're all grown up, and some have kids of their own.

The day was filled with swimming, boat rides and playing in the sand. Cam received some early birthday gifts which he was very excited about!

Anthony, Cam & Alyssa dining lakeside
One of the water toys at Stony worked out perfectly for Cam while Chris pretended to be an underwater attack fish that kept getting his feet.  Anthony enjoyed this game too and it kept the boys occupied for quite some time.

The boat ride around Stony Lake is a family favorite.  We dined on an assortment of toasted pb&j sandwiches and grilled chicken.  Fresh fruit seems to taste better on the open water.  We had fun watching some expert water skiers and even spied a beautiful family of swans.  Visits like these feel like 5 minutes instead of 5 hours, but it makes the time together even more precious.

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