Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome to Camville - Week of Feb. 18th

We knew when Katherine became Cam's nanny, she was pretty special.  We are reminded so often that her talents are endless, as is her warm and caring nature.

As a special surprise for Valentine's, Katherine presented Cameron with a cozy warm blanket she made herself, featuring Cam's favorite show these days- Curious George!  It is most unfortunate that Jane didn't capture the moment of the reveal on video- Cam literally squealed and screamed with delight...he was that excited!!  The blanket had to follow Cameron from the couch to the living room rug where Stella found it quite cozy when everyone was outside. 

School was cancelled two days this week- Monday for President's Day and Tuesday for winter weather.  
Katherine found an ingenious way
to make the days inside fun for Cameron- she created "CamVille!"  CamVille featured a small village complete with a train around the town, a bus stop,  a Starbucks coffee shop and live music in the streets.  A drum solo by the town's namesake rocked the place out!

It was time to say goodbye to our sweet "Auntie" Ronda as she prepared to return to Brazil.  Cam was helping her pack.  He made sure she had a picture in her suitcase of him to remind her of his winning smile.  We will miss her while she's away, but know she is working with others who will benefit greatly from her influence.  A quote to describe both Ronda and Katherine is framed in our home:  "Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same."

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