Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Time - Week of Jan. 28th

During the winter months in Michigan, there are days when we anxiously await spring, especially when we see the wildlife forage for food.  Yet, there are also moments we revel in the playtime we have for a bit in the fluffy white snow...

Cameron has finally gotten some serious use with his sled in our backyard.  The tiered hills make for a pretty long run with Cam leading the pack!

We celebrated Opa's birthday on Friday and Cam is not saying how old his Grandpa is because Opa asked him not to!
In the afternoon, we had a small "See You Later, Not Goodbye" party for Cam's speech therapist, Miss Felicia.   Ms. Felicia has been a big part of Cameron's accomplishments this year in school.  She has also been at Cam's house every Friday for a home session.  Ms. Felicia provides a great combination of challenging kids while making things fun at the same time.  We know she'll continue to be a part of our lives and we're so thankful for everything she's done.  She couldn't resist a famous Cam super snuggle after he opened a sweet present from her.

On Sunday, it was time to celebrate the SuperBowl!  Cam's buddies kept him company before and during the first portion of the football game.

The girls and Cameron even picked squares to guess the score at the end of each quarter.  No money was exchanged, but a promise of ice cream treats will be delivered next week for the lucky winners.

Whether your favorite team won or lost, we hope your game time was spent with good friends and good food, too!

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