Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Days - Week of Feb. 4th

Even though the famous groundhog has promised us an early spring, winter is doing its best to hang around as long as possible..

After a couple of treacherous days of driving, the sun reminded us that it does indeed shine on even the coldest days!

Cameron had to "go to work" early Saturday afternoon at Grand Valley where he "taught" a roomful of more than 30 people.  It may have been a bit overwhelming for him, so a photo opp wasn't on the agenda.  As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with the university as well as M.O.V.E. International.

Cam was able to spend some extra time with his Grandma this week and thought that sitting on the snow bank was pretty cool.
Chris found a new snow tube for backyard fun in the white stuff.  Cameron was determined to help his dad blow up the tube.  After some "manual" attempts, the boys decided that an automatic pump may be better equipped for the task.

Although they haven't actually gone (or taken us) on a sleigh ride, the deer are ever present in the backyard.  Even though they are frequent visitors, we never tire of their natural beauty or visitation rights.

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