Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Speaking" of Activity - Week of Oct. 15th

Every Friday afternoon, Cameron doesn't go to school, but in a way, school comes to him!
Cam's speech therapist at Wellerwood School, Miss Felicia, visits every week for a home session.
Learning new words is combined with activities and games, like bowling.  
Miss Felicia is helping Cam use his breath support to project his voice.  Now, when he sees her at school, he always says "Hi" and "Bye" very loudly!  Obviously, she's been a great speech teacher and even though she makes Cam work hard, he truly adores her.

Weekend activities included a visit to cousin August to celebrate his 1st birthday!  Cameron picked out his cousin's gift , a mini electric guitar, and actually chose it over an Elmo cell phone.  The boys also had some fun playing with the new toys August received as presents.

Since Chris always gets creative with train track design, he and Cameron think up new areas for the engineering to expand into.
The best part of this setup put Cam right in the middle of the action!

After a busy couple of days, what better activity than relaxing in front of the fire.  It was time to kick back and watch some football...
or listen to it while snoring, whichever may be your preference!

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Felicia said...

I LOVE our Friday dates! There is no other place I would want to be!