Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lost in the Leaves - Week of Oct. 22nd

With a burst of warm weather this week, it was time to take advantage of every bit of extended sunshine!
A bike ride was an essential "to-do" and the boys ventured out in shorts, feeling the warm breezes during their route.

In the evenings, Chris has been hard at work (with his engineering partner) to finish Cameron's Halloween "costume" for this year.  Painting was required and Dad's helper was anxious to test out the rollers.

Living in Michigan, we've been accustomed to raking up leaves, but it seems with a bigger backyard, the number of leaves has grown exponentially.  We are very fortunate to still have our awesome neighbors and luckily, one of Cam's favorite buddies, Emma, was available to help rake/play in the leaves!  As the pile of leaves kept growing and growing, it was tough to keep track of everyone.  At one point, Emma hid in the pile of leaves while the rest of us had our backs turned.  When Cam went looking for Emma, he was "digging" through the leaves and she jumped up behind him!!

As the afternoon wore on, the crispness of fall was evident once again.  After all of the work and play, Emma and Cam decided to relax and watch a show together.  What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

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