Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Mud Party & Mowing - Week of July 30th

When young children are asked what they want to do for their birthday, some would choose McDonalds or Chuck E. Cheese.  Luckily for Cameron, his cousin Ollie chose to have a "mud party" for his fourth birthday in the backyard!  This was definitely the first (and quite possibly, the last) mud party Cam has been invited to.

Some of you may be thinking what the proper attire is for such an event...the only attire is to bring a spare change of clothes!
The kids had a great time getting dirty in the mud, swinging at a pinata, and sliding down the slide.  Cam's cousin Ollie actually had a homemade "mudslide" cake!  Even though it was an extra warm day, you didn't hear any kids complaining.

Another first for Cam this weekend was taking an inaugural spin on his Dad's new lawnmower.   He was intent on trying to push all of the buttons and steer the wheel.  He's had lots of practice steering the Home Depot kids shopping carts.

Cam's buddy Emma wanted to check out the mower as well and what a great friend to give her buddy a big hug before the eventful ride!

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