Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flowers + Family Friends= Fabulous - Week of July 23rd

The first week for Cameron in his new house couldn't have gone better!  His parents thought it may take some adjusting, but Cam truly likes his new place.
Cam and his Dad even picked out some pretty roses for Jane to put on the mantle.
Deer watching has become a family event in the Weatherford abode.  Just look at our view of the backyard!

The weekend was filled with family activity and family friends...
Jane's dear friend, Leslie, from grade school/junior high spent their vacation in Michigan.  Cam played on the beach with Leslie & Dan's girls, Erin and Allison and friend Clare.  Cam had water time, beach time and playtime with the three lovely ladies and Jane fell a bit short capturing photo events...but what great memories!

On Saturday, Cam along with his parents and grandparents spent the evening with close family friends considered to be aunts, uncles, and cousins at Stony Lake. 
Pictured with Cameron is 'Aunt' Sally and her nephew, Anthony, 'cousin' Caroline and Grandma.  It seems that Anthony and Cam thought it would be silly to hide under the tablecloth during dinner.  When Anthony popped up from under the table, Cam couldn't stop laughing!  It was a busy weekend, but being surrounded by awesome people sure does take such little effort and is so much more enjoyable than unpacking!!

A big thanks to the Scannell family (Leslie, Dan and girls) and the Huey family (too numerous to name) for all the sweet gifts for Cameron's upcoming birthday.  It seems that our once a year visits must become more frequent!

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