Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Ready to Party! - Week of Aug. 6th

When you're about to turn five years old, it seems that you need ample planning time to prepare...

A trip over to Party City for some birthday supplies turned into a fun field trip for Cameron.  He tried on a few hats and liked the Hawaiian lei.
By the time we left, he looked as if he was headed for a luau.
Saturday at the cottage was spent with the Huey family on the beach.  Unfortunately, the Lake Michigan water temps were a bit chilly, but the kids still went swimming.  Cam and Jane, however, decided to hang out on the beach with Cam-mobile instead of turning their skin pink with the chilly water....

On Sunday, Cam's Grandma had an early birthday cake for her grandson.  A few of Cam's cousins came over and gave him a new remote control police car!    Along with a Dr. Suess book and an aqua doodle mat, Cameron played with his cousins and watched his cousin Steffanie try out the aqua doodle.  Sometimes as adults, we enjoy the toys just as much as the kids!

From cake to pancakes....back at home in Grand Rapids, Cam's super-talented nanny, Katherine, made him a very cute homemade "Elmo" pancake- most delicious!!

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Edi (Edriana) said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos Cam! Hope your big day was full of fun!

I love seeing how much fun you're having! Although I do miss seeing all the fun places Elmo likes to hide in! it's been a while! ;)

Miss you bunches!

Big hugs,