Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins & Cool Cars - Week of Oct. 24th

Do you remember the first time you saw something transform? Like the Bat-Mobile into a Bat-Speedboat or Clark Kent into Superman?

Just as impressive, Cameron's Dad took his summer creation, Cam-Mobile and with some fabrication, turned it into a super race car for Halloween!
The collaborative idea was hatched in September when Chris and Jane started pondering what Cameron might want to be for trick-or-treating. Cam always has fun riding in his beach dune buggy, so why not figure out a way to use it for the October festivities?
By adding some wood along the outside, a little paint, checker-flag cloth and some duct tape with flames (who knew?), Cam Racing was a reality.
On Friday, Chris, Jane, Cam and Grandma ventured over to Chris' work, FTC&H where kids can walk around to each desk and collect some candy.
As a surprise treat, a co-worker, Mike A., left a "talking" Elmo next to a bag of M&M's with a sign around his neck that read "Cameron, can I go home with you?" Needless to say, it was Cam's favorite stop and a big bonus to have a buddy ride next to him!
Big Thanks to Mike!!

The company pumpkin shown here can be added to the list of Chris' many skills! Not only can he build a Cam-Mobile and transform it into a Race Car, but he also has a hidden talent of being an expert pumpkin-carver!!

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