Sunday, October 16, 2011

School Events - Week of Oct. 10th

Every year, Cameron's school hosts an event called "VSA" - Very Special Arts. The kids can visit different rooms where they mold pottery, play music and dance, make crafts, and even get their face or hands painted. Cam liked painting the pottery best and kept admiring the picture that was painted on his hand by one of the teachers.

School fun continued when a field trip to Robinette's orchard was hosted during the week. The school's teachers joked that Cam had his own "entourage" with Chris, Jane, 'Auntie' Ronda, and nanny, Katherine all alongside him. The kids listened to the orchard's history during a wagon ride tour, walked into the huge refrigerator where all of the apples are stored, and watched how the apple cider is made. To top off the day, the kids picked their own apple and were given a homemade doughnut and fresh cider as a treat! (even the entire 'entourage' received the snack:-)

The weekend included another outing - this time to a pumpkin patch with buddy Will and 'Auntie' Jo. Cam picked out his own pumpkin and everyone dined on some delicious McDonald's goodness for lunch.

With the sunshine still smiling on us, the family couldn't resist some backyard photos, and who should appear but Cam's sweet friend, Emma.

Hope your week makes you feel like you can reach for the sky too!!

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