Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween! - Week of Oct. 31st

Even though Halloween landed on a school night, there were plenty of little kids and big kids to share in the fun! Cam Racing went through a few modifications including working headlights and more flame duct tape (because it just looks cool!).

Another addition to the spooky eve included a pumpkin water fountain, expertly designed by Cameron's Dad and neighbor Steve. The green water launched from the top pumpkin to the lower one and recirculated back and forth. Quite impressive! It was difficult to determine who enjoyed it more- the creators or the spectators... Please click on the attached link to see the fountain in action:

Trick or treating festivities enticed Auntie Jo and Will to Cameron's house. Cam was so excited to have his buddy Will by his side to trek up and down the street. Cam's cousins Coco and Libby with their friends, Carter and Ryan completed Cameron's entourage! Chris and Jane wore hats with letters labeled "Cam's Pit Crew."

Will and Cam had "races" down the street and giggled and pointed at each other the entire time! Luckily for Cam, Will brought him candy from the houses where the race car wouldn't travel. He politely handed each Halloween treat over without even thinking of pocketing it himself.

After the treating, Will and Cam needed to sample their hard-earned candy. Jane tried to give Cameron some m&m's from the chocolate they passed out, but Cam only wanted to pick something from his very own Halloween bucket. Many thanks to Jo and Will and Coco, Libby, Carter, and Ryan for spending the evening with us!

Even though Halloween only lasted one night, the Cam Racing vehicle still had some extended use when Katherine took Cam out for a spin during the week!

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and check out another addition to Chris' hidden talents, the use of dry ice inside of a pumpkin...

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