Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wings and Water - Week of Aug. 22nd

This week, on a beautiful Saturday morning, Cam could almost touch the sky, literally!
Cameron successfully completed his first prop plane flight and was given a certificate and his first set of wings.
Through a program called "Dreams and Wings, Inc." each child and family reaches a cruising altitude of 1500 ft. for a 20-minute flight above Grand Rapids.

The program encourages kids to learn about aviation, challenge themselves and reach for new horizons. When Cameron is old enough, he'll be able to take the controls and fly the plane as co-pilot for a few minutes!

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day....the family ventured to the cottage on Lake Michigan where the Raisch family met them for an afternoon and evening of swimming and sun. Playtime in the water, digging out underground tunnels, and walking the beach made for a busy afternoon.

After dinner, the girls built towers with Cam. He has just as much fun building as he does knocking them down.

All of the families had a sunset walk strolling along in the warm Lake Michigan water. Cameron had lots of helpers ready to push Cam-mobile!

As a special treat, Cam's buddy, Emma, rode home in his car Saturday night. They listened to kids music, shared a few snacks, and to the surprise of Chris and Jane, stayed awake!

Big thanks to the Raisch family and to Cam's Grandma & Grandpa for a memorable day!!

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