Sunday, August 14, 2011

Parking with the Parents - Week of Aug. 8th

A field trip to Cascade Library started off Cameron's week right. Brooke, Cam and Jane all ventured over to participate in activities with some of Cam's classmates. The morning included a scavenger hunt, reading and acting out stories, and even making a newspaper hat, modeled proudly by Cam.

Chris and Jane decided that a nice summer evening was the perfect time to take their boy over to Ada Park. Cameron wanted to test out everything!

After swinging for awhile it was time to explore the rest of the equipment. The animal rocker was a big hit. Chris and Cam found the old antique car where Cam turned the wheel and Chris made the car sounds.

There were quite a few slides to choose from ranging from curving to fairly high up. It's pretty evident to Cam's parents that he doesn't have much fear when it comes to trying out new things.

Cameron played fair and picked a parent for each slide ride. Jane and Cam slid down the curved slide and Chris took Cam on the highest slide.

You can never go wrong with an outing to the park, especially when you have such a happy boy!

A whirlwind weekend was spent with our special Stony Lake family, reconnecting with old friends and meeting some new babies. Cam had lots of buddies to play with and even tried out a hammock for the first time...

We did have to say goodbye to our summer nanny, Brooke, and know she will have a great year at CMU! We can't thank her enough for helping us out and doing such a great job with the big boy.

Cam's advice to all college students is echoed in his first hammock outing pic...relax when you can, but don't forget to hang on tight and above all else, enjoy the ride!

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