Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Grandma & Great Friends - Week of Aug. 1st

Most kids are lucky enough to have a Grandma & Grandpa, but it seems there are few that can claim a Great Grandma! This week, Cameron had a special visit from his Great Grandma Mary, all the way from Arizona. Mary and her friend, Henry, drove across country and spent the afternoon, evening and following morning with Cam and his parents. They all met up with Jane's parents for dinner at the Twisted Rooster. It was a short visit, but lots of fun for Cam, and Chris & Jane!

The weekend found our family at the lake once again sharing a day with our great friends, the Cronk family (from Florida) and the Lobdell family (from North Carolina). Both families have spent quite a bit of time at our Lake Michigan spot and the consensus was - no matter where one travels throughout the country, there's no better water retreat than our big lake!

Lots of swimming, playing, and eating rounded out a perfect day on the beach! Cam and his Dad even had a race in Cam-Mobile and confirmed that it's just as good as any water ride out there.

To finish out the week, Cam with good friend and neighbor, Emma, prove that playtime should always be followed by some quality relaxation....hope everyone found some time to relax this week!!

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