Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Celebration begins - Week of Aug. 9th

Monday marked the 7-year wedding anniversary for Chris and Jane. Doesn't seem possible! Cameron enjoyed smelling the beautiful flowers that Chris brought home to commemorate the occasion.

On Thursday, cousin Coco made a special trip to Grand Rapids to pick up Jane & Cam and bring them back to the cottage. It was the Haroldson's last night at the lake. Chris surprised the family by showing up later that eve to say goodbye. Cam is pictured modeling a shirt that the Haroldson family found for him during a trip to Prague...for anyone who might be headed there, it's incredibly difficult to find kid sizes.

Cameron was most fortunate to begin his birthday celebration early by opening a gift from the Haroldson family- Auntie Jay Jay, Unc Jeff, James, Libby, Katie and Coco, as well as Unc Mike, Unc Kevin, and Unc Eric presented their cousin with a major cool Tonka front-loader truck. Cam can't wait to play with the big truck on the beach!

Another outing included Cam, Grandma, and Jane taking a trip to Country Dairy in New Era. It was such a hot day and Cameron was a trooper as ice cream and other goodies were purchased. As a special treat, Cam enjoyed a most delicious chocolate shake on the ride home.

Foolishly, Grandma and Jane thought they would be tasting the majority of the chocolately goodness, but Cam had decided that since he was almost 3 years old, he could most definitely handle such a big milkshake.

A family gathering of Cam's Aunts and Uncles took place on Saturday at the cottage. Stay tuned for next week's blog to see the 2 special Bday celebrations that Cameron was lucky enough to have!

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