Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cousin's Wedding - Week of August 2nd

Cameron was invited to a special occasion this week, cousin Meg's wedding. Jane drove up to the family cottage on Wednesday, so Chris and Cam had a couple of boy's nights to themselves. On Friday, the family was together again and had a busy social calendar.
The Huey family enjoyed an afternoon and evening on Lake Michigan and it was so much fun for Cam to see his friends, Sarah & Matt and their parents, as well as new friends Tim & Stephanie.

The big wedding event was on Saturday. The beautiful event took place at Meg's family cottage and the reception was held at the Peterson family barn/corral.

With every Jellema family gathering, there are always so many cousins to hang out with. Cam is pictured with his cousins Libby, Katie, and Coco- three beautiful sisters who adore receiving kisses from Cam.
Cameron also liked sharing a toy with his sweet cousin, Harry. It's easy to see why Cam looks up to Harry- what great manners he has!
It was a long day for the big boy and Chris and Jane cannot thank Grandma and Grandpa enough for all their help and assistance with the busy days.
It seems that Cam may be contemplating his own future here against the fencepost...definitely looks like a bright forecast ahead!

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