Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cam's 3rd Birthday! - Week of Aug. 16th

Since Cameron's 3rd birthday celebration began a few days before his birthday, the fun just continued on through the entire week!

Chris, Jane, Grandma and Grandpa, along with Cam's extended family including Aunt Mary, Uncle Ray, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Joe, Aunt Gay and cousins, Mike, Eric, Kevin, Anne, Dirk, Lisa, Harper and Maya all shared some delicious Ryke's bakery cake and ice cream with Cam. Since this was Cam's first year in school, a school bus seemed appropriate.

Cameron had such fun opening his birthday gifts including a kid's cellphone, Mr. Potato Head, matchbox cars, backpack & lunchbox, bongo drums & books. Cam's parents found a couple additional things to peak his interest- a leapfrog laptop and a tonka remote controlled truck.
Evident of him being a year older is Cam's ability to concentrate and work intently on figuring out new toys.

Back in Grand Rapids, the neighborhood joined in for another cake and ice cream birthday fest complete with candles that Cam blew out. The Raisch family gave Cameron a fingerpainting set for the bathtub, pictured here with Anna.

With all of the celebrations and the many family and friends that Cam was lucky enough to see this week, we all realized a very important lesson...The best gift of all is being surrounded by so many loving people that Cameron has in his life!
Next week, see Cam and his best buddy Will hang out together...

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