Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eye Surgery- Week of Dec. 7th

Thanks to everyone for the calls, emails and best wishes for Cameron's eye surgery. He was such a brave boy. On the day of surgery, while waiting in the hospital, we found out that his procedure would be delayed 2.5 hours due to an earlier surgery and he wouldn't go under anesthesia until about 1:30pm. Cam hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since 9pm the night before. But, he kept smiling and playing in the DeVos Children's hospital playroom. Surgery went fine and was successful. His recovery was a little rough since our big boy was in a strange place. Chris, Cam and Jane want to send a very special thanks to Annie & Amanda who stayed with us all day and into the night. The day after surgery, Cam actually felt like playing on Chris' keyboard.

Cameron was definitely up for seeing more visitors by the weekend. Grandma & Grandpa ventured in on Saturday to see their grandson and spend the night! We can't thank them enough for staying and spending quality time with Cam. The weekend included some "night soccer" with a very cool early Christmas present from Grandpa Jim!

On Sunday, the family received a special visit from Cam's godmother, Auntie Jo, and her son, Will. Will and Cam had a good time playing with blocks and the "Feel Better Soon" balloon that Cam's buddy, Will brought. As if the day couldn't get any better, Jo also provided a most delicious dinner for the family. Honestly, we can't thank you enough for making the trip and bringing us homemade sustenance!

We are reminded every day how wonderful are family and friends are!!

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