Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early Presents & Recovery- Week of Dec. 14th

Cam was certainly feel well enough to try a few activities. One of his new favorite "toys" is an old keyboard that Chris had in the basement. Apparently, Cam thinks he's sending lots of emails to his buddies as he bangs away at the keyboard. He also held an icicle for the first time which Chris brought in from outside- brrrrr....

Cameron has been adjusting to recovery from eye surgery and has definitely let Chris and Jane know that he does not prefer cold compresses or lubricant in his eyes! However, he received a thumbs up from the surgeon who saw him on Monday to monitor progress.

This week included 2 early Christmas presents for Cameron to open. The first was from his buddy, Julie, whom Cam is lucky enough to see almost every week! Julie gave the big boy some green bathtub foam and a cool cd. He was very intrigued with the whole bag process and kept looking in the bag for the next item.
Cam also opened a present from Great Grandma Mary who sent him the book "A Pirate's Night Before Christmas" which he and Chris had lots of fun reading. Chris has now begun teaching Cam pirate jargon.
The weekend included an outdoor excursion to see the next door neighbor's backyard ice rink. Cam had to wear a pair of Jane's mittens since his parents had to get some new ones for him.

He thought it was quite funny that the mittens were a little large on his hands...

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