Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Friend Elmo- Week of Nov. 16th

Cameron received Elmo as a gift last Christmas. He seemed to like him...from a distance. Now that Cam's older, though, Elmo really does appear to have become a friend. Not only is he trying to "talk" back to Elmo, but he also likes to grab his nose!

The whole family is very excited that Annie, Cam's nanny, will be moving to Grand Rapids next weekend!! She'll be closer to Cameron and will have a very short commute to work. A big treat for Cam this week was to have Annie give him a bath. He sure does love that water...

Walking with his braces has been getting a bit easier and with Cameron, if you make anything fun, he's usually game. So, Chris came up with the idea of having Cam go through the curtain to see what was behind it in our basement. As you watch the video below, remember that he is working ever so diligently to walk in his new braces, yet the little boy can't help but smile and laugh all the way!

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