Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!- Week of Oct. 26th

Each week seems to bring about a new adventure for Cameron in some way...this week he practiced walking with his new leg braces. They look similar to soccer shins in that there is clear plastic all around. It is a big challenge for Cam because he was accustomed to walking without the braces, but we know he will persevere, just like every other obstacle he's faced... look for the cool leg braces pics in next week's blog.

Halloween is always a fun time of year for the Weatherford family, because of the pumpkin carving creativity! This year, Cameron picked out a white pumpkin, which Chris happily carved up for him. Actually, Chris carved all 3 pumpkins this year and as you can see, one of them had an unfortunate accident with a stake and a glow stick. Cam is still wondering how this happened...

Cameron was a skeleton this year and his parents tried (not so successfully) to spike his hair for a scarier appeal. He loved seeing all of his friends across the street and had quite a few bites of tasty Halloween chocolate! After all that excitement, our little treater was pretty wiped out!

Chris surprised Jane with a beautiful bouquet of roses for Halloween. Cameron still prefers the chocolate, though, and with lots of it leftover, he's in for a tasty treat every day next week!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween...

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