Sunday, November 29, 2009

Many Thanks for Thanksgiving! - Week of Nov. 23rd

It seems that there is so much to be thankful for every year. Our family, friends, good health and of course, we are also thankful for our faithful blog followers...we know who you are:)
Thanksgiving was a busy week for Cameron.

On Thursday, he had a "photo shoot" with Grandma and Grandpa for their Christmas picture. The official greeting card photo is not shown. (*note that Chris & Jane were not invited to be in that pic, so they took their own- ha, ha!)

Then, the big boy enjoyed all the Thanksgiving tasty treats including mashed potatoes, turkey, cresent rolls, and the list goes on. A new eating venture for Cam was Jane's 'veggie pizza' appetizer which consists of baked rolled cresent dough covered with a cream cheese/ranch spread, complete with chopped veggies on top.

The weekend included Cam's nanny, Anne, settling into her new Grand Rapids townhouse with Ronda.
Chris, Jane and Cameron all pitched in.
After a long day, Cam snuggled in to Anne's favorite Steeler's blanket.
Doesn't he look so very cozy?
We hope everyone had a chance to be this cozy after a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.

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