Saturday, December 8, 2007

Don't Go Mom! - Week of Dec. 3rd

It's been another busy week at the Weatherford household. Cameron seems to be changing every day.... except for his sleeping habits:)

This week, Cam had another visit from the Early On program. The program is designed to track his development progress, since he was born a little early. Shannon, his occupational therapist, views Cam's development as if he was born on his actual due date, Oct. 25th. So, according to Shannon, Cameron is only about 7 weeks old developmentally and well ahead of the game!

On Thursday, Cam had a visit from 'Big Sis' Lauren who relayed the exciting news about being accepted into Colorado State University. Congrats Lauren- Jane, Chris & Cam are so proud of you!!

Chris had a big weekend attending the Lions game on Sunday with Cam's godfather, Chris Alford and friends. It was a great game, except for that unfortunate score at the end. Cam's dad hopes to take his son to a game one day when they can watch the Lions win together. Hopefully, this isn't too much to wish for. While the boys were at the game, Cam had a visit from his godmother, Joanne. She brought over lunch for Jane and stayed to hang out with her godson.

Jane will be gone for 3 days next week for a business conference- it will be her first time far away from her boys. Thank goodness for Grandma Mary Ellen who will be staying with Cam and Chris. More to come next week...

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