Monday, December 24, 2007

Sleep On Buddy! - Week of Dec. 17th

It was quite a busy week for Cameron! He had his 4-month checkup at the doctor's office on Wednesday. Jane and Grandma Mary Ellen both took Cam for the occasion. The big boy weighed in at 12.5 lbs, 22.5 inches long. His doctor was very pleased with his growth! Unfortunately for Cameron, he had to have some immunization shots, but the nurse completed them very quickly and covered them with cute snoopy soccer band aids. Then, on Thursday, the home health nurse arrived for his RSV vaccine shot. He was such a trooper and Chris and Jane were very proud.

Cameron's latest achievement is his smile:) He's been smiling quite a bit.

On Saturday, Chris, Jane and Cam had a big evening. Steve & Andrea Ringler stopped over to babysit Cameron while Chris and Jane had a night out for dinner! It proved to be a perfect night for all. Not only did Chris and Jane have a scrumptious dinner and Cam got to know his extended family, but on this night, Cameron slept the most ever in his crib! Thanks so much to Steve & Andrea for this most wonderful Christmas present, in more ways than one!!

Sunday night continued the sleeping trend, so Cam may have reached a turning point. The doctor told Jane that Cameron should be sleeping at least 6 hours straight through each night based on his weight. Jane told the doctor that Cam didn't get the memo on that one. But, it looks like he just received it a little late. Whatever the case, Cameron's parents are most grateful.

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