Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mom on Biz Trip - Week of Dec. 10th

It was a challenging week at the Weatherford household (at least the first half). Jane flew to Florida early Monday morning for a business conference. Luckily for Chris (and Cameron), Grandma Mary Ellen came into town to watch little Cam. It really wasn't as bad as Chris' nightmares would have lead him to believe. Jane was back by Wednesday to restore the much needed stability to the household....Cam was very happy to see her again.

Aunty Amanda stopped in to visit Cameron on Wednesday. She had not seen the little man since he was in the hospital. Cam has come a long way since those first days. She could not believe how big he was now.

Jane took a much needed vacation day on Thursday to make up some quality time with Cameron.

Cameron has been growing like a weed lately. He has been sleeping a lot longer now too. He still isn't sleeping through the night yet but hopefully this will change soon.

Ronda stopped by Sunday evening (right now matter fact) to try to get our family Christmas pictures. Cam isn't really cooperating but hopefully we can get some good pictures to send out to everyone.

(Thanks again to Mary Ellen for all your help this week. We couldn't have done it without you!)

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