Sunday, March 10, 2024

Taxes Anyone? - Week of Mar. 4th

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." ~Albert Einstein

Some people create memos, calendar events or notices, but they don't have a Cam.  Cameron is truly a walking reminder of any upcoming activity.  It is no surprise that when the month of March begins, Chris and Jane are asked about filing their taxes.  Cam's parents were able to successfully delay the arduous task for at least another week.

We finished a busy week of work and school and were all anticipating the weekend.  After a Saturday early lunch, Jane and her son ventured off to pick up Cam's grandparents.  Opa had a couple of bumps and bruises from a minor fall but was all checked out and cleared for take off to spend the night with us.  When we arrived back in GR, our cousins were waiting for us!  They had finished up a grocery shopping trip and stopped in to see everyone. We all shared tasty appetizers and played a fun card game called "Name 5" that each of us participated in.  It was an awesome afternoon.  After the cousins left, we dined on chicken pot pie paired with our collective favorite homemade applesauce.  Oma brought us some delectable Ryke's cookies for dessert.  
After dinner, we looked through an abundance of memorabilia with Cam's grandma as she sorted through pictures and mementos.  
Jane and her son asked her so many questions about her past.
We were all were surprised to find more photos never seen before as we started up the old slide projector.
We kept asking Cam to guess if he knew who was in the pics from so long ago.  He definitely improved his guessing game the more slides he viewed.

Sunday morning, we all felt a bit tired after moving the clocks forward an hour to begin Daylight Savings Time.  After a few errands and a bit more relaxing, it was time to bring Oma and Opa back to their home.
Cam wouldn't let his grandparents leave, though, before some extra tight hugs to last them for the next couple of weeks.

Camology Quotes:

We know Cam listens very carefully, that he will commonly use words or phrases he hears his parents say. After Jane was giving Chris a hard time about forgetting something, Cam quickly jumped to his defense, smiling and saying: 
"Mom, give my Dad some grace!"

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