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Packing Away - Week of Mar. 18th

"If I'd known how much packing I'd have to do, I'd have run again." ~Harry S Truman

Nelson Mandela said "It always seems impossible until it's done."  While he was referencing overcoming adversity, we attributed the phrase to taxes and packing this week.

We finally decided to have some kitchen remodeling completed by a local contractor.  While it isn't extensive, there is a still a hefty list that will be tackled.  Repainting all kitchen, laundry room and  bathroom cupboards, new kitchen countertops, backsplash and sink as well as a revamped shower downstairs all need to be checked off.  Leading up to the first portion of the work, all cupboards needed to be emptied and contents packed away.  Since Cameron knew what our responsibilities were, he continued to request packing activity every evening, which his parents avoided until the weekend.

Most of western Michigan was in a winter weather advisory beginning early Friday morning.  Much to everyone's surprise, schools were cancelled on Friday.  Unfortunately for Cam, his parents had very full work schedules that day so he managed to occupy his time.  We didn't think to take any snow pictures since we were all in a bit of disbelief.
Cam continued to ask his parents when they would all complete their taxes.  That task was finally crossed off the list during the day on Saturday.  The snow was nearly gone and we left late in the afternoon to meet our cousins for dinner in Muskegon. We met at Fricano's on Muskegon Lake.  Fricano Place was built in 1885 as the Hartshorn Curtain Roll Factory. It was the only manufacturer of window roller shades in the world and operated as a factory until the early 1980s.  It was the Hartshorn Centre for years and was purchased by Ted and Jennifer Fricano in 2009.

We were all seated by the windows with a nice view of the lake and the sunshine.  Eating Fricano's pizza is an extended family tradition.  Chris refers to it as "cracker pizza" since the crust is so thin.  We all love the flavor of the sauce and the fresh ingredients.

Sunday continued the kitchen packing festivities.  We did have a nice break relaxing and watching a family movie, "Mitchells vs. the Machines" following a quirky group coming together.

The deer outdoors must have taken a cue from us all!

Camology Quotes:

Sometimes, it is difficult for Cam to make a decision between things.  Chris and Jane do try to encourage him to choose and most importantly, remain with his chosen outcome.  After debating with himself for quite some time, Cam declared: 
"I don't like this 'it's your choice' thing!"

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