Sunday, February 4, 2024

The Big Meltdown - Week of Jan. 29th

"Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind." ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is very uncommon for Michiganders to experience 40+ degree weather in the beginning of February.  As the week progressed, the temps continued to be mild and we saw the sunshine Friday afternoon.
To celebrate that bright light, we decided to take Cam out to dinner Friday evening.  We chose one of our favorites, El Centenario, for a Mexican dinner.
Saturday was a busy day for our fam, albeit with separate activities.  Chris had signed up for volunteering for the Mary Free Bed Wheelchair Sports program to assist the skiers at our local resort.  It was very chilly in the morning, but the sun appeared once again in the afternoon.  Jane and her son made their way to Grand Haven for a long visit with Oma and Opa.  We first picked up lunch at Panera to celebrate Opa's Feb.1st birthday.  
After enjoying our lunch in the dining area and meeting some friends of Cam's grandparents, we made our way to the library.  Cam requested to relax in the room with books and puzzles, complete with a fireplace.  Jane had brought some photo and memorabilia for Oma and Opa to look through with Cam.  We enjoyed a walk outdoors and saying hi to many of Oma and Opa's friends.  We were thankful for the sunshine to drive home in.

The sun remained on Sunday for our adaptive ski lesson with Cam.  The snow seemed to be melting at a rapid rate, but the ski slopes still retained most of their base.  Kurt joined our team to fill in for Jason and expertly steered Cam down the hill.  None of us could believe how mild the weather was.  For the first time ever, our son enjoyed skiing in 50 degree conditions and didn't wear his gloves for the entire 2-hour outing!  

One of the highlights of our afternoon was meeting a ski patrol dog name "Lola" serving to provide comfort and care to skiers and snowboarders feeling nervous, apprehensive or hurt.
Many people wonder how Cam is able to get on the chairlift and how he actually skis down the hill.  Two videos show each operation in action 😎  After experiencing the disappearing snow this week, we are holding out hope for one last Cannonsburg lesson next Sunday!

Camology Quotes:

It always feels good to make someone else smile.  At Cam's swimming therapy session, the therapist talked about a potluck they had at lunchtime. She told him that Cam's PT had made the best pulled pork and she needed the recipe.  The minute Cam saw his PT, he told him, 
"Ms. Mandy really loved your pulled pork.  She's going to ask you for the recipe!"

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