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Fish Fry Season - Week of Feb. 12th

"Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow." ~Swedish proverb 

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” ~Benjamin Franklin

This week was a build-up of sorts, for Cameron.  Due to a barrage of questions regarding a weekend overnight camp in March, Jane arranged a visit on Saturday.  Prior to the weekend, though, the week was full of excitement.

Cam made a "pocket hug" heart magnet for his mom in art class at school.  The accompanying card read: "A heart from me to you filled with lots of love and big hugs too."

Chris surprised Cam's mom with a beautiful flower delivery on Valentine's Day.  That evening, we had made plans with Ms. Ann and her family to partake in the first fish fry of the season at JT's Restaurant.  Even though it wasn't Friday, we were anticipating the meal.  There is an interesting history...

German and Polish Catholic immigrants settled in Milwaukee in the 1860s and began the tradition of the Friday fish fry. During Lent, they didn’t eat meat on Fridays, instead eating the fish they caught in Lake Michigan. From 1920 to 1933, Prohibition prevented taverns from selling alcohol. To keep customers coming to their businesses, Midwestern tavern owners sold meals of fried fish.  Supper clubs rose to popularity during the 1950s and the fish frys became a tradition for many Midwesterners.

We were happy to spend our Valentine's eve with Ms. Ann, Katherine, Paul, Bexley, Sophia and Christopher.

Thursday morning, we were surprised to wake up to heavy, wet snow falling outside.  By the time, Cam and his mom made it to the end of the driveway, they were both completely covered in the white stuff.  Thankfully, it was short-lived and by the afternoon, the roads were clear once again.

After breakfast on Saturday, our family was headed to Indian Trails campground located close to Allendale, a 25-minute drive from our home.  The campground's parent company is IKUS Life Enrichment Services. Definition of IKUS \ˈī-kəs\ (v.) 1. To empower others by teaching with compassion 2. To give others joy, independence, and greater choices (n.) The mission of IKUS Life Enrichment Services is to help individuals with disabilities to discover their potential, experience greater freedom, learn new skills, and have fun in a safe environment.

Cameron took the initiative to request a weekend camp experience.  We signed him up for March 15-17.  Cam has always been inquisitive so his daily questions resulted in the need for an on-site field trip prior to the assigned weekend.  The Camp Director, Ms. Gretchen, met us in the parking lot.  We were introduced to Chef Scott and some counselors and campers.  We toured a cabin and the activity center.  It was quite chilly, so we didn't linger outside too long.  We were all impressed with the staff, setup, surroundings and peacefulness. We snapped a quick pic on our way out in front of the activity/dining lodge.  Our future camper was definitely happy!

Following lunch on Sunday, Jane and her son headed northward to visit cousins while Chris was on his way to snowboard at Crystal Mountain.  Cam and his mom had fun playing with the kiddos and catching up on activities.  We enjoyed a beef stew dinner, accompanied by homemade ice cream and brownies- such a treat!  

To cap off our day, the sunset displayed a beautiful setting for us just as we were leaving.

Camology Quotes:

We were all excited about the camp layout, the people we met and the overall vibe.  Once we exited Indian Trails in our van, Cam announced:
"Wow! They have camp down to a science!"

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