Sunday, January 7, 2024

Score in 2024! - Week of Jan. 1st

"And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been." ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Waking up to 2024 included a delicious breakfast made by Chris.  

As we said goodbye to 2023 and welcomed January 1st, Jane suggested they take down all of the holiday decorations.  Cam and Layna weren't too sure at first, but finally agreed it would be a fun project.  The cousins worked together as the bins were brought up from downstairs to put everything away.  Chris hoisted Jalayna on his shoulders to reach the tippy top ornaments. 

In just a couple of hours, the living room appeared much more sparse as the Rose Bowl parade became our backdrop on the tv.

The first day of 2024 was also the day of the 110th Rose Bowl.  The much-anticipated football game was scheduled between No. 1 Michigan and No. 4 Alabama with kickoff at 4pm.  Michigan came out strong and by halftime, held a small lead.  We ordered Smoky Bones delivery in honor of the big game and our neighbor, Dave, joined in our festivities.  It was an exciting match up, with ups and downs.  As the clock expired, we were headed into overtime.  The final score was 27-20 with our Michigan team victorious!  Our family proudly displayed our U of M shirts in anticipation of a win.

As we headed into the final couple of days with Grandma Sue, Uncle John and Layna, we made the most of our time.  The cousin duo was not able to complete the chicken tenders/donuts challenge, so it is to be continued during their summer visit.  However, they did have the following conclusions:

  • Detroit Wing Company beat out Cousins for the chicken tenders and onion rings.

  • Cindy's Donuts beat out Sprinkles for the donuts.  Layna's favorite is glazed and sprinkles.  Cam's favorite is chocolate frosting and Grandma Sue indulged in their delicious apple fritters.

Layna took over nightly reading time with Cam which was fun for them both.  Grandma Sue found a favorite afternoon spot in our lower level.

Wednesday evening, Chris and Jane treated brother John to dinner downtown.  Amanda stayed to hang out with everyone at home.  

As our visits have now become more frequent with Chris's family, we feel that undeniable connection with each of them.  

Listening to stories about John and Chris when they were younger has become a favorite activity for Cam and Jane.  Even as adults, we laugh as the brothers challenge each other in little ways, tease each other and share many traits that are exactly alike.

None of us expected to see such a strong friendship form between Cam and Jalayna.  They are supportive of each other, make each other laugh to the point of their eyes watering and both are big fans of chicken tenders and donuts!

Thursday morning we said our farewells, trying not to be too sad since we know they will visit again this summer.  Each of us commented at different times throughout the weekend that it was too quiet.  After all of the activity of extended family visits, our home seemed super silent. 

Michael J. Fox is quoted as saying "Family is not an important thing.  It's everything."  Time spent with all of our extended family definitely speaks to that phrase.

Camology Quotes:

Cameron absolutely appreciates others sharing his own opinion.  It seems he truly prefers the affirmation.  Lately, after making a statement about something, he immediately follows up (in a persuasive, nice tone) with the phrase:
"Don't you agree?"

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