Sunday, January 21, 2024

An Honor to Give - Week of Jan. 15th

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" ~Martin Luther King Jr.

"Everyone can be great because everyone can serve." ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Cameron's district had the day off of school for Martin Luther King Day on Monday.  We were relieved because more snow had arrived overnight and the snowfall continued throughout the day.  Jane and her son sported their University of Michigan National Champions 2023 sweatshirts acquired from our local Costco.  Cam wanted to keep his PT and swim therapy appointment Monday evening.  The roads were slick and Cam reminded his mom to drive extra slow.

Tuesday, it was clearer but some school districts were still closed.  And sure enough, Wednesday morning we received the alert at 5:30am for school closure.  This is actually 15 minutes prior to Cam's normal alarm time on school days.  Our high-schooler was able to go back to sleep until almost 8am.  

The roads were fairly clear by the afternoon, so Jane and her son embarked on a little mission they've been trying to complete for some time.  We've been wanting to donate Cameron's old AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses) to a local organization.  Through Cam's current physical therapist, we learned that Pediatric Orthotic Specialists accepts the old AFOs.  After lunch, we brought our big box into their office.  The receptionist explained that they send the AFOs to Jamacia and the Philippines for doctors to reuse them.  

Cam was able to be in school both Thursday and Friday with cooperative weather.  Our driveway is a bit long and winding in the weather elements but Cam does a great job navigating.  His amazing bus driver, Ms. Christy, also takes it upon herself to assist in any way that she can if he gets stuck.  Cameron heads up the long trek solo and always stops to wave to Christy to let her know he's aok.

The weekend included a visit to Oma and Opa to help alleviate that feeling of cabin fever due to all of the blustery winter weather.  Chris and Cam successfully installed new hooks in the closet and then Jane and her son helped Oma with some organizing projects.  It was a productive afternoon and Cam's grandparents escorted us to the door. and we all exchanged goodbye hugs. We briefly saw the sunshine on our drive back to Grand Rapids.

Over the weekend, we finally framed and hung one of Cameron's digital media projects.  It was our collective favorite and after displaying it in Cam's bedroom, we all agreed it looked just right in its spot on the wall.

Even though the snow had us stuck inside a bit this week, we were happy to be able to venture out for our AFO delivery.  As we were leaving that office, Cam wisely said "I give back to my community and my community gives back to me!"

Camology Quotes:

Many times, Cam will ask for verification of information.  He will question its source and validity.  When his dad told him at 5:30am that Wednesday was indeed a snow day, his quick response was:

"Mom, can you check your phone too to make sure?"

His IT Director father laughed and indicated: "Instead of 2-factor authentication, it's 2-parent authentication!"

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