Sunday, December 17, 2023

Wrap It Up - Week of Dec. 11th

Around 336 CE, the date December 25 appears to have become established as the day of Jesus's birth, and the tradition of gift-giving was tied to the story of the Biblical Magi giving gifts to baby Jesus.
Together with another story, that of Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century Christian bishop and gift-giver, it slowly became a part of Christmas celebrations in countries such as the United Kingdom. In other Christian countries, the practice of gift-giving occurs early in Advent, on Saint Nicholas Day.

We do ask Cam every year if there is anything special he would like for Christmas.  It does seem more difficult for him to choose for himself versus other family members.  The older Cameron becomes, he does appreciate experiences.  We've chosen to lean more in that direction instead of tangible items.

Tuesday after school, we were prepared for a divide and conquer evening.  Jane drove Cam to his haircut which Chris normally does.  While her son was getting settled, the stylist asked what guard number to use for the top of his head.  
Guard number is a very foreign term for Jane so she texted Cam's dad.  He responded with "2" which was relayed to the stylist.  Needless to say, what she didn't realize (and does now) is that it was supposed to be "2 with a fade."  Luckily for Cam's mom, he had many compliments about his "cool haircut" the next day at school.

Jane actually heard some of those comments firsthand on Wednesday.  It was the digital media open house, so Cam's mom made an appearance to see all of Cam's creations.  Digital media class is based on creating art digitally on the computer using different applications.  There were many displays to see and refreshments for all of the guests.  When Cam was asked if he wanted to see his friends' artwork, he indicated he needed to stay "at his station" to answer any questions and greet people.

Jane is hopeful the artwork makes it home before the holiday because there were some really cool pieces.

Saturday evening, we welcomed Kaylee once again.  Cam recommended his stand-by favorite for din... Culver's.  They completed a curbside pickup after Cameron's expert navigation directions.  Chris and Jane enjoyed the evening out.

We headed up north for lunchtime on Sunday to see cousins and pick up some cottage items.  Then, we were off to visit Oma and Opa to bring them things and pick up some things.  

Everything looks so festive where they live and Cam's grandma wanted to show us the holiday decorations. There isn't just one tree, there are several and each had its own personality. Oma let her grandson know that the presents displayed were only empty boxes and not designated for anyone specifically.  Cam assumed as much and Jane reminded him they had some wrapping to finish up upon arrival home.

Back in Grand Rapids, Cameron assisted his mom with presents.  No matter what the activity, it's always more fun to have a helper at your side!

Camology Quotes:

Cameron seems to be picking up additional words that are not commonly used.  It's always funny to hear him use them correctly and in the proper context.  During an evening routine, Cam and his dad were joking about being crazy silly and causing trouble.  Cam laughed and said to Chris, 
"I am not a hooligan!"

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