Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Present of Gifting - Week of Dec. 4th

When we see something that brings a smile to our face, it's very similar to receiving a gift.  Watching someone engage in an act of kindness is one of the simple presents in life.
This poster in Brody's Be Cafe also reminds us to celebrate everyone and find outstanding qualities in those individuals who do things a bit differently. 
"Some kids are smarter than you, some kids have cooler clothes than you, some kids are better at sports than you.  It doesn't matter.  You have your thing too.  Be the kid who can get along.  Be the kid who is generous.  Be the kid who is happy for other people. Be the kid who does the right thing.  Be the nice kid." ~Bryan Skavnak

Our family has been busy creating our annual Christmas card.  We tell people "it's our thing" and something that takes time, but also provides smiles, laughter and even joy...especially when they are finally ordered!

We had Oma and Opa overnight to complete some holiday shopping late Friday afternoon.  After a relaxing dinner at home, we watched the Amazing Race and then slept in on Saturday.  Chris and Jane enjoyed an evening downtown, while Cam and Kaylee tried out Potbelly sandwiches and had fun themselves. 

Our Sunday was dedicated to errands and indoor projects.  Cameron, always the diligent supervisor, told his parents they needed to begin the process of stuffing envelopes and addressing for sending out our holiday cards. Without his insistence, it's questionable if they would be on time every year.
The running joke is that Jane writes such a lengthy poem that you need a magnifier to read it. For your easier reading, we have included it here 😉

2023 was a year of beginnings and ends, travel and welcoming family and friends. Grandma Sue and Layna helped us ring in the New Year, a weeklong visit filled with fun and cheer. 
Cam tackled adaptive skiing on the Cannonsburg hills, while his parents skied and boarded trying to avoid any spills. 

In the winter months to keep ourselves on the move, visits to Oma and Opa and cousins up north kept us in the groove. 
March brought in sports for Cam, attending power soccer practice and WMML baseball, always his jam. 
Spring break we boarded the plane for our trek to Arizona in the sun 
A week spent with Chris’ fam, meeting his brothers, and the hope that new traditions had begun. 
As April came to a close, we lost a dear family friend and our cat Stella passed away, 
It’s so hard to say goodbye when we want them so very much to stay. 
Summer is our favorite time and Cam started working at Brody’s Be Cafe, 
Delivering hot dogs and drinks and figuring out customer interaction and what to say. 
Chris ventured to Canada, fishing for walleye and bringing home his big catch 
Jane and Cam worked on strawberry jam and applesauce, completing batch after batch. 
Lake Michigan called us northward every sunny weekend, and the new Haroldson walkway ramp allowed our fam beach time, which we highly recommend. 
Chris & Jane attended two outdoor music concerts, both a perfect sounding blend. 
July, a busy month, with Chris’ brother, John and his crew ascending 
The Boulder Ridge Zoo, birthday celebrations and a cottage visit made for a great ending. 
Ms. Amanda makes our summer complete hanging out with Cam, along with tutoring from Ms. Ann, 
Cam attended his first Wheelchair Sports Camp and he’s definitely a big fan! 
Our annual Maple Beach shrimp boil and a new beach wheelchair for our teen, 
Leading up to the biggest surprise of our lifetime, a 20th surprise wedding anniversary party for Chris & Jane, with the largest crowd gathered they’d seen. 
Leslie and Wes flew in to celebrate with us and others traveled from far and near, 
We were overwhelmed to see everyone, continually finding happy tears. 
Cameron celebrated turning 16 and we headed out on a pontoon cruise, 
In his power chair on the boat with Oma and Opa, we saw the White Lake views. 
School began for our sophomore son, WMML baseball and a Homecoming dance, 
Steve & Patti gave Chris & Jane the priceless gift of an overnight stay for romance. 
Our volunteer activities fill our buckets each and every day, Mary Free Bed, Lori’s Voice, Renew Mobility and Brody’s Be Cafe. 
Our thankfulness makes us smile and think of a memory or two, may 2024 bring goodness and time to share with each of you.

Camology Quotes:

We often joke about the fact that Cameron is appropriate with his language choices.  He had two instances this week where this was very appropriate.  During his swimming therapy, he asked his instructor: 
"Are my britches falling down?"

During his bedroom routine one evening, Cam was relaying a story about a large water cup accidentally falling on his foot at school.  He told his parents:
"It smarted, but I was ok!"

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