Sunday, October 29, 2023

Trunks with Treats - Week of Oct. 23rd

"We can't help everyone... but everyone can help someone." ~Dr. Loretta Scott

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

It was a non-profit week in the Weatherford household.  With 4 events on the horizon, Cameron was a bit relieved to only have four full days of school. 

Wednesday evening was the "Fowling to Keep 'Em Rolling" fundraiser at the Fowling Warehouse just a few minutes from our house.  Cam saw quite a few friends there including Onji, Gibson and Liam, the newest Youth Ambassador.  JT's pizza was served, many items were raffled off and costume winners were crowned.  It was a successful event and a great turnout.  As a board member, Jane was so happy to see everyone rally around the cause to provide necessary equipment to those in need.

Friday afternoon, Jane arrived at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital to help set up for the Trunk or Treat activity.  The Guild, which Jane is a member of, created personalized treat bags for inpatients and outpatients.  Cameron helped created the bags and also agreed to dress up as part of The Wizard of Oz theme.  One of the attendees even let Jane "borrow" a real puppy to have in her basket for a few minutes.  The ten-week old poodle named Lloyd (not Toto) truly looked like a stuffed animal.  Cam rocked his lion costume and had fun exploring the Therapy Garden, which was turned into the Scare-apy Garden for the evening.  

At 7pm, Jane and her son headed off to the next Trunk or Treat at Clock Mobility.  Chris was there supporting Lori's Voice, for which he is a board member.  It was a mild temperature evening and the rain held off.  All of the organizations at Clock indicated that busloads of people had been dropped off earlier and it had been quite busy.  Cameron had collected lots of candy at MFB and declared upon entry to this one that he did not want any more treats. One of the creative decorations was a Barbie photo booth.  Our entire family departed the Clock Mobility location at the same time in different vehicles.  We all slept in the next morning.

Saturday brought some sunshine with cooler temps in the 50s.  Chris and his son decided it was time to move the deck furniture under the house in preparation for the forecasted frost in the near future.  During the fall season, the leaves seem to fly off the trees as quickly as they are cleaned up.

Saturday evening, Ms. Ann arrived to hang out with Cam while his parents attended the Mary Free Bed Gala downtown.  A photo booth was set up for the event.  The Center for Autism was the focus for fundraising and we heard some incredible stories, enjoyed a delicious dinner and danced to a live band.

Sunday afternoon, it was Cam's turn to be out and about.  We all met up with Brody and his mom at Culver's for lunch.  From there, we headed to the movie theater where the boys and their moms had tickets for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert movie.  
Brody loves music and asked if his best buddy, Cam could see the flick too.  It marked the very first time that the foursome had watched a concert on the big screen.  At times, it truly seemed like you were right there in the audience.  For Cam, the pure enjoyment of hearing the songs was relaxing.  None of us thought we would make it through the entire 2 hours and 43 minutes of run time.  
To our collective surprise, we stayed until the end!  Upon arrival home, Cam and his mom declared it was definitely worth it and much more affordable than the actual concert ticket price!

Camology Quotes:

Cam pays attention to details.  His questions can surprise us, not only because they are insightful, but also since we may not have thought of them.  At the end of the movie, he asked his mom.

"Do you think the people they showed in the concert all had to sign a disclaimer to be in the movie?" 

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