Sunday, October 22, 2023

The YA Club - Week of Oct. 16th

"I will continue to lift as I climb." ~Blessing Adogame, Youth Ambassador of Theirworld, UX Product Manager for Microsoft
A youth ambassador is a young agent, representative and/or steward for the charity for which they work. Youth ambassadors have been introduced in order to promote participation, or spread goodwill or knowledge.
Cameron was asked to be the first youth ambassador for Renew Mobility in 2020.  This was in part, due to his idea to donate our used handicap van to the non-profit for their use of transporting equipment.  He is always ready to tell people about the organization and we have learned that the youth ambassadorship does not expire any time soon.
Now, in 2023, his buddy Liam was honored as the latest esteemed youth ambassador for Renew Mobility.  The executive director of Renew, Coleen, set up a surprise luncheon on Friday at Culver's. Since both Cam and Liam attend the same high school, they were both on fall break.  The best part was that Liam had no idea why we were all there!  Both families were in full force with all members in attendance.  Everyone 
enjoyed a delicious lunch after the latest Renew Mobility Youth Ambassador was inducted.

Since Cam and his mom had the day off together, we decided we should celebrate.  Chris met us for an early dinner in Ada at a place Cam had never been before: Garage Bar and Grill.  Cameron's dad had raved about their chicken tenders and cheese curds.  Cam laughed when his mom showed him in the menu that the cheesy appetizer was called squeaky wheels.  We all enjoyed a great meal and Cam declared the chicken and cheese his all-time favorite!

The weekend was filled with various projects and a Halloween movie- Hocus Pocus.  Cam helped his mom figure out decorations for treat bags that we were customizing for kid patients at Mary Free Bed as part of a project for the MFB Guild.  

Since Monday was still part of Cam's fall break, we decided to include it in this week's blog.  Mom and son met Brody and his family at Deep Roots Produce located in Caledonia, just 15 minutes away.  Their pumpkin patch is enormous.  The location also has a petting zoo, free of charge, with alpacas, goats, chickens, roosters, sheep, donkeys and pigs.  A feed cup is purchasable to feed the hungry animals.  

Our crew can absolutely confirm that alpacas do spit without any warning whatsoever.  The goats were Cam and Jane's favorite along with the sweet sheep.  We all picked out pumpkins, purchased some farm fresh produce and enjoyed the sunshine.  The boys even thought that Jane and Jenny could almost be mistaken for sisters.

Our area of western Michigan is approaching its peak leaf color for the fall season. As Jane and Cam were headed back home, they passed countless trees that almost looked painted.  Jane stopped to snap a pic, which made her son a bit nervous that far too many laws were being impacted by this action.

Camology Quotes:

Every Monday, Cam has his swimming therapy and PT appointment back to back.  Depending on his parents' work commitments, some days we're arriving just in time.  Cameron always shares his honest opinion... 

"Mom, you parked horribly!"

"Ok, thanks for your support, Cam." (laughing)

"Well, it's the truth, Mom." (both chuckling)

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