Sunday, July 9, 2023

Fam Fun - Week of July 3rd

"I sustain myself with the love of family." ~Maya Angelou
"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." ~Barbara Bush

We were all anticipating the week ahead filled with major family time.

With a sunny forecast for the 4th of July, we traveled northward to hang out with cousins at the beach.  It was a great day by the lakeside.  We had our first corn on the cob for dinner and we even saw some fireworks on the drive home that evening.

Ms. Amanda and Cam decided to make some homemade banana bread with chocolate chips. It is a favorite recipe in our household.  The baking duo highly recommend licking the beaters upon completion of pouring the batter into the bread pans.

On Thursday, Cam and his mom made cornbread and packed up some tasty snacks in preparation for visiting cousins at Maple Beach in Holland.  

Once a year, we try to gather together to see our cousins, catch up and share some laughs. We talked about how all of the couples met each other and early years. 

Cam liked listening to the stories and always cracks up hearing tidbits about his own parents.  As is our tradition, we dined outside on a beautiful, breezy afternoon.  The shrimp boil consisted of potatoes, corn, shrimp and sausage.  Cornbread and biscuits rounded out our meal with mini assorted bundt cakes for dessert.  We always chuckle when we say "goodbye" as another half hour of conversation continues.  We were also sent home with all of the delicious leftovers.

On Friday, we prepared for the arrival of Cameron's Grandma Sue and cousin Layna.  Their flight landed a little before 7p in the evening.  To say we were all excited was an understatement!  The minute our two relatives from Arizona made it into the house, it was a hug party.  

Saturday was our day of rest after the travel time for our family.  It was good to relax and hear stories about each other's lives.  We had a fun dinner of surf and turf on the grill.

Sunday after an early lunch, we made our way to the cottage for a beach day!  The water was still a bit chilly, but the sand was pretty hot.  We played on the beach with cousins and soaked up the sunshine.

Early in the evening, we made plans to stop and visit Oma and Opa in Grand Haven.  Layna fell asleep in the van as we made our way.  We stopped at Culver's to pick up our dinner and then enjoyed an outdoor picnic in the courtyard at Rosy Mound.

Cam, Layna and Chris played games in the courtyard while Grandma Sue, Jane and Cam's grandparents visited with each other.

We certainly packed in a lot this week and we're thankful that Grandma Sue and Layna will remain will us for a full week!  And they are thankful it isn't over 110 degrees in Michigan like it is in Arizona!

Camology Quotes:

While sharing stories at Maple Beach, Cam was very interested in tales about different times the adults had some trouble when younger.  In fact, Jane posed the following question to her son.

"Do you think I got into trouble, Cam?”

"Oh, I'm sure you did, Mom!"

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