Sunday, July 16, 2023

Brother Birthdays - Week of July 10th

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." ~Albert Einstein 
"Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape." ~Unknown

We celebrated Cam's dad on Monday for his birthday!  After he opened presents, Jane and Chris went out to dinner while Ms. Amanda, Grandma Sue and Layna had fun at the house.

Tuesday was our big outing to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park in Alto, MI.  Coco met us there with her two kiddos.  It was the first time for Grandma Sue and Layna and they loved being up close with the animals.  The sidewalks at the park are very wide and it is a walking/wheelchair campus.  Cam's grandma requested chair use which her grandson was very excited about!  

As we made our way through the park, we purchased lettuce leaves
and carrot sticks to feed some of the animals.  As a group, we also had some of our own snacks to digest.  Favorite animals included the giraffe, tropical "talking" birds, an owl and the large porcupines.  The ostriches recently had babies and it was interesting to see them nestled on top of their parent.  Boulder Ridge is a very relaxing experience moving along at our own pace and it also wasn't overcrowded which made our afternoon outing that much better.  We were all pretty worn out at the end of our adventure and happy to relax at home that evening.

On Wednesday, Amanda took Cam and Layna to visit her dog, Otis, and take him for a walk.  They also baked some soft chocolate chip cookies that afternoon.  The two cousins definitely enjoy the batter tasting process of licking the beaters.

We had planned our visit so that we had a day of activities and a day of rest whenever possible.  Thursday afternoon, we anticipated the arrival of Layna's dad, John, his girlfriend Jaleaa and her two daughters, Alayah and Ameena.  On Friday, we all met for lunch at Anna's House and sat outside in our backyard that afternoon.  The adult couples had dinner out downtown while the remaining crew, along with Amanda, dined on pizza and salad.

Saturday was John's birthday and his brother, Chris had picked up a cake from our favorite bakery, Rykes.  Cam's Uncle John loves chocolate which his nephew is very appreciative of.  That evening, we grilled shrimp, veggie burgers, chicken kabobs and lots of different vegetables.  After celebrating birthdays, we played games until late into the night.

Sunday, we all roused a bit later than our typical wake-up time.  We had a quick lunch at home and then headed for the beach.  Coco and fam graciously welcomed us and the water was finally perfect for swimming!  It was our last full day with everyone.  We all agreed that the shoreline of Lake Michigan was by far the best way to spend it!

Camology Quotes:

Cam can be quite tied to his routine. So, when a later than normal stop for dinner on the drive home Sunday resulted in a 25 minute wait, we expected a very inpatient person.  To make matters worse, the main part of Cam's meal wasn't even in the bag.  While Jane contemplated heading back into the chaotic restaurant, her son spoke up. "Mom, I can just split your salad with you if that's ok."

P.S. We tried to accomplish everything in a single stop by heading to McD's. However, this particular one didn't have salads.  Cam wisely said afterwards, "That doesn't even make any sense!  They have chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. How can they not make a salad?!"

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