Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Planner - Week of Mar. 13th

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." ~Alan Lakein

Cameron’s mom is a planner. Her son seems to be have inherited this trait and elevated it. For the first time in a few years, our family will be boarding a plane in less than a month. Like most trips, reservations are made in advance. Following that, the most common course of action is to simply wait until the time of departure. According to Cam though, it is imperative to double-check all aspects by actually calling to confirm. As Jane has explained, a confirmation number assigned to the reservation is always provided. However, this isn’t good enough for an experienced voyager like Cam.  He and Jane first called the hotel.  Sure enough, there were a few missing details regarding requests that were inputted.  The person we talked to also recommended calling the morning of our trip just to double check.  The next discussion with the handicap van rental also proved beneficial.  We knew exactly where to be located for our pickup and reviewed arrival times.  Next week is our final confirmation call with the airline, Delta.

With all of the travel discussions, Jane was the one scheduled to take flight this week.  A one-night stay in Florida for her job was on the docket.  Although it meant missing Cam's power soccer practice, his dad captured plenty of pictures.
We weren't certain if a power guard for Cam's chair would be available to use, but one of the soccer Dad's picked it up from another location and brought it to the Y.  Cameron wasn't apprehensive and accepted the challenge of trying to play.  Although he doesn't know all of the rules yet, he said he really liked it and can't wait for the next practice.

Friday evening, Cam and Ms. Amanda had hang out time before a winter weather advisory began late that evening.  
On Saturday morning, it looked like a snowstorm outside!  Chris and his son had haircuts scheduled for after lunch and they braved the freezing temps and blowing white stuff.  After successfully making it home and up the driveway, we settled in to watch the Disney remake of "Lady and the Tramp."

Sunday brought sunshine and melting snow.  After indoor projects were completed, we all headed outside for some fresh air.  It may be tempting fate, but we decided it was time to remove the snowplow stakes that Chris and Cam place on our driveway prior to the winter season.  With the official start of spring next week, we certainly hope we have seen the last of the falling flakes!

Camology Quotes:

An email from Cameron's teacher arrived on Jane's traveling home day:   One quick story about Cam this morning: Megan and I were out of the building yesterday for a training, so this morning as kids were coming into the classroom, I had said good morning to about four other students with barely a "hello" or "good morning" response from them, then Cam came in and said "good morning, how was your day yesterday" to me! I was so pleased since the others didn't even really respond to me at all! Great job to Cam. He's always so polite. :)

Cam's teacher also relayed this story to him the next day and he told his parents at dinner Thursday evening.

"That makes me feel good to know I made someone happy!"

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