Sunday, March 12, 2023

It's a Surprise - Week of Mar. 6th

“Would you like to know your future? If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence -- a surprise.” ~Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

This week was full of surprises in different ways.  Wildlife appeared in the evening and during the day.  A wandering skunk surprised Chris when he and Cam were trying to adjust the outside lights.  The deer have been visiting more, seemingly curious to find morsels hidden in the ground.  Stella continues to be a part of Jane's work day very intrigued by each meeting she attends.

Tuesday's schedule at Cam's school included special basketball games honoring a former student from Northern.  Cam was given the task of passing out programs to everyone who came to watch.  
Much to his amazement, he greeted many of his former teachers, Ms. Kathy, Mrs. Wells, Mrs. C. (aka Ms. Konkle) and Brody's parents.  Jane stopped in to see her son at work, but couldn't stay long due to her own schedule.  
Another spectator is one of Cameron's favorite people, Ms. Rachel, the executive director of Brody's Be Cafe.  Cam plans to work at the cafe this summer and Rachel has been an advocate of his future employment for a few years now.
Another unexpected development came Thursday evening while we were all sleeping.  At 5:11am we received the text message indicating Cam's school would be closed on Friday due to inclement weather.  Almost 8 inches of the white stuff blanketed our area overnight!  Although Cam is not a fan of snow days, he always makes the best of it.  He split the day helping his parents and by lunchtime, the roadways were clear.

Ms. Ann arrived before 4pm for Cameron's tutoring session.  She knew something was "up" for that evening, but did not know exactly what the plan was.  At 5pm, Cam and his parents entered their van and Ms. Ann was instructed to follow in her vehicle.  In just a few minutes time, we arrived at "Ever Play Cafe" which is in between a few shops and eateries.  Ms. Ann was very confused since she had never been there before.  She said "I know that restaurant is closed and I'm not getting my shoes repaired so what are we doing here?"  As we escorted her into the Cafe, she burst into tears being greeted by her family and close friends for her surprise birthday party!  The private party rental was set up by her adult children complete with catering and dessert.  We had fun reconnecting with everyone.  Ann was presented with a collection of thoughts and pictures about her which her daughter, Katherine (a former nanny of Cam's) had organized.  The two-hour party reservation was over much quickly.

Saturday morning, our dear family friends reached out asking if we wanted to meet for a late breakfast/early lunch at The Gathering Place.  One of their daughters and our buddy, Emma, had recently started working there.  We were excited to have yet one more surprise in our week.  When we arrived at the restaurant with Emma's mom and one of her sisters, her smile and reaction was a memorable one.  It was one of the longest lunches ever for Cameron, but he was happy to hang out chatting and catching up.
In a week full of the unexpected, it was no surprise to move the clocks ahead Saturday night for daylight saving time.  We all felt just a bit sleepier Sunday morning.

Camology Quotes:

Friday afternoon, Cam was in planning mode.  During his tutoring session, he was keeping an eye on the clock knowing that his dad needed to get home in time for Ms. Ann's surprise.  When Jane walked upstairs from her office, he immediately asked:

"Mom, do you need me to text your husband for you?"

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