Sunday, September 11, 2022

Baseball Begins - Week of Sept. 5th

"Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different." ~C.S. Lewis

Everyone typically remembers at least one school picture, whether it was favorable or not and perhaps a memorable outfit or two?  

In some online surfing, we discovered that School Photographers of America has done extensive research with national archives. They came to the conclusion that the first organized company to formally facilitate school photography traces back to 1922.  

Cam's school pic was taken at his freshman orientation.  The photographer noted that Cam was one of the happiest kids he'd ever seen.  For the past few years, we've chosen the digital download option versus ordering the printed package of photos. This week, we received the email with his school photos. It's fun to look at the different backgrounds and we print our favorites at home.  

Oma and Opa arrived on Friday to spend the night.  While Cam's parents enjoyed a date night out, Ms. Ann and Cam's grandparents had a fun evening staying in.  They dined on a pot roast meal and tasty ice cream for dessert.  Together, the crew watched a Disney+ show called "The Wizard of Paws" which follows a pet prosthetic engineer who customizes prosthetics for animals of all sizes.

Saturday morning, we were all ready to watch Cam play ball!  The West Michigan Miracle League is located in Rockford, Michigan and its mission is to provide kids (and adults) who have physical and cognitive restrictions an opportunity to play baseball.  There are 6 kid teams and 2 adult teams most every season.  

The coaches choose which "team" they will represent.  Coach Mark is a big Notre Dame fan, so Cam is part of the Fighting Irish team with his best bud, Brody and Mark's son, Carson.  The volunteer helpers for the day came from Hope College Girls' Softball team.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and our 10am game time kicked off the first game of the day.  Cam had two great hits with the batter box and everyone was excited to be back on the field.

Prior to leaving for the game, Cam generously offered to treat everyone to lunch from Culver's!  He had received a generous birthday gift card from Auntie Karen and insisted on using it.  Oma and Opa are almost bigger fans of the Wisconsin franchise restaurant than Cam.  As our ball player always says when partaking in a Culver's meal (directly from the commercial), "Welcome to Delicious!"

Camology Quotes:

Stella, our cat, has been a part of our family for 16 years.  She clearly acts as if she controls our household and her meows have even seemed to become more demanding in her later years.  When Cam is going through his nightly routine, she typically hangs out lounging on the floor in his room.  Jane went in to check how things were going and Cam announced the following:
"Stella is minding my business.  She is not minding her own business, she is minding mine!"

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